Working from home

Surviving work from home

Working from home may be a new concept so you need to make sure that you set out and follow clear guidelines around expectations, working hours, communication etc. We’ve collected some tips together to help you get through the day!

Working-from-Home checklist

Work from home survival check-list


Don't sit in your pyjamas all dayl Get dressed as you would for work and follow your normal routine

Create your workspace — you may have a home office but if not then the kitchen table is a good option, but not the sofa! Where possible ensure your chair, desk and laptop are in a good position to avoid any posture related problems

Try to minimise distractions — it's not an opportunity to get the housework done or put the washing on' You're at work

Have a plan — what's your to do list for the day, time block for tasks and be strict with yourself. There are some great task management tools that you can use — Trello, Asana

Challenge all non-urgent tasks — phone calls, emails, social media, don't let them disrupt your day

Communicate and check in regularly with the office — Whatsapp, MS Teams, Slack etc

Check that your Wifi connection is strong enough to now deal with you working from home

use virtual meeting software like Zoom with both your colleagues and clients and always ensure that meetings are recorded. By turning off your camera, you can improve bandwidth

use earphones to remove external noise or indicate to the kids/ others that you are on the phone

Keep up your energy levels and motivation — set time aside for going for a walk to clear your head (as part of your one allowed outdoor activity a day)

Avoid total isolation, look after your mental well-being — have remote social interaction, chat to your colleagues/ friends and have a virtual cuppa

Make sure you take a lunch break - we need food and drink to keep our body and mind performing

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