Halifax Gift Card

A Gift Card for Halifax

The Halifax Gift Card is the perfect present for friends, family and colleagues. The lucky recipient doesn’t need to redeem the full value in one go and they can spread their spend by using it for a delicious meal,, some great new clothes, a fabulous new haircut and much, much more.


Stay tuned for all the places that accept the card, we have over 70 so far!!


To buy online, press the button below, cards are available from £10 – £500.

What is it?


The Halifax Gift Card is a Mastercard-based gift card which can be used across Halifax. The card works in the same way as department store / shopping centre gift cards but for the whole town.


How does it work?


  1. Simply choose your card amount
  2. Purchase your Halifax Gift Card
  3. Give it to friends, family or colleagues
  4. They can then spend it in over 100 Halifax businesses


Why buy it?


  1. It’s a great present for any occasion
  2. It supports Halifax businesses
  3. You can spread your spend across multiple businesses
  4. The complete Halifax experience

Gift cards can be redeemed in over 70 places

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