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In these difficult and confusing times, so many of the activities we take for granted are now luxuries we’re all really missing. But don’t worry as our Halifax professionals are here to offer advice and top tips to get you through.


If you’re a business owner with top tips you’d like to share with the wider community, maybe you’re a hairdresser that could give us a few ‘how to’ tips (and stop us reaching for the scissors!)? Are you the Barista that can teach us how to make that coffee we’re craving from the safety of our own home? Or are you the personal trainer that could give us 5 top tips for working out at home? Here’s the form if you want to help.

Top-Tips from Halifax professionals

William Priestley Salon


By now we’re all starting to get the urge to book that hair appointment at the hair salon, which is what I recommend to you. Salons are not open to answer their phones but you can always email your salon or book via Facebook.


I would be contacting your salon now to find out how to book as they will be incredibly busy once they get back to business. Most hairdressers will be working all hours to accommodate their clients.


Here at William Priestley Salon we’ll be open six days a week until 7pm to catch up for the lost weeks. We appreciate some of you might have tried to do something with your hair at home regarding cutting it a bit or colouring it yourself but I would recommend you don’t do anything other than trimming your fringe ( very carefully).


The last thing hairdressers want is to be spending half a day doing colour correction for dodgy box dyes. Colours in the salon are far superior and a professional, a trained stylist is doing the application for a professional outcome. Trust me we can’t wait to do your hair just as much as you can’t wait to get your hair done. We all look forward to seeing you soon.

Saks Beauty Halifax


We’ve got three top tips for achieving luminous spring skin, from Katie:


1. Stay hydrated. Water is a key ingredient in keeping your skin healthy, hydrated and able to function efficiently.


2. Use an enzyme-based product when needed, such as Cosmedix Pure Enzymes, pictured above. Don’t overuse exfoliators and see your skin specialist for advice on which products will work best for you.


3. Get regular treatments, such as our CosMedix’s Benefit Peel which contains 20% vitamin C and 10% vitamin A. Pop into the salon where our skin experts are here to help you. It’s what we do. A good facial once a month will help keep your skin healthy, and your therapist will give you product and treatment recommendations to keep you looking your best.


Heaven on a plate? Give us a buzz on 01422 385125, or click to book, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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