Let’s talk all things skin with Saks Beauty

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Let’s talk all things skin with Saks Beauty

Your Skin

As we leave winter behind our skin may have suffered from the cold weather and will most likely need some serious hydration.

Skin cells are formed in the dermis (which is the second layer of your skin). And when they’re formed, they’re packed full of vitamins and nutrients our skin needs to function and stay healthy.

These cells go on an incredible journey working up through the dermis and crossing over into the ‘epidermis’ (the top layer of skin that we can see).

By the time our skin cells have reached the epidermis, our skin has squeezed all the goodness out of them, having gone through the ‘keritinisation’ process (aka hardening of the skin cells). They then become flat, hardened and layer on top of each other, to create a protective layer.saks beauty blog

Imagine slates on a roof, that’s what our skin cells look like. They protect us from losing excess oil and water, but also prevent harmful external pollutants from getting into our skin.

Once our skin cells have done their job and completed their journey, they simply fall off in a natural exfoliation process called ‘desquamation’. We lose 100,000s of skin cells every day and in turn our dermis creates new baby cells to repeat the process.

If our skin is dehydrated it sometimes needs a little help. When dehydrated, our skin will cling onto those cells that are ready to fall off and this can cause a build-up of unneeded cells. Thus, skin can become flaky, dry, dull and sallow.



Enzyme based products, such as Cosmedix, and treatments are a fabulous way of giving our skin that gentle push and will help to remove a build-up.

Most enzyme products are fruit/plant based, and they chomp their way through the skin cells, leaving the skin looking fresh and new, with a beautiful glow.


Top Tips

Sound familiar? Fear not, as we’ve got three top tips for achieving luminous spring skin, from Katie:

1. Stay hydrated. Water is a key ingredient in keeping your skin healthy, hydrated and able to function efficiently.

2. Use an enzyme-based product when needed, such as Cosmedix Pure Enzymes, pictured above. Don’t overuse exfoliators and see your skin specialist for advice on which products will work best for you.

3. Get regular treatments, such as our CosMedix’s Benefit Peel which contains 20% vitamin C and 10% vitamin A. Pop into the salon where our skin experts are here to help you. It’s what we do. A good facial once a month will help keep your skin healthy, and your therapist will give you product and treatment recommendations to keep you looking your best.

Heaven on a plate? Give us a buzz on 01422 385125, or click to book, and we’ll take care of the rest.