Welcome To Halifax

As a destination to live in or visit,

Halifax is going places.

Halifax is better and busier than ever right now. We’ve got interesting new shops, a vibrant and original cultural scene, and some really unique attractions like the stunning Piece Hall and library.


In fact, there’s a real buzz about the place, and the national media is cottoning on. We’re not ones to stand still though, and there’s plenty more stuff in the pipeline – £150 million worth, to be precise.

Over the years we’ll be improving our parking, transport and public spaces, as well as helping local businesses to grow and local communities to flourish. Our gorgeous Borough Market is getting a major makeover and there’s a brilliant new leisure centre coming too. New offices and shop units are planned, plus breathtaking redevelopments for our town centre and railway station.

For you, all of this means just one thing: every visit will be better than the last.