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We have partnered with the award winning place promotion app LoyalFree to provide free advertising for local businesses.

This service is free for you and is simple to set up. The app is up and running in 19 towns and cities and you can easily see a demo of the main features of the app here: https://loyalfree.co.uk/demo/ or download from the Google/Apple app stores.


The app will promote various aspects of our place; the tourism information, business offers, event listings, interactive trails and more.


You will benefit from:


  • Advertising of your offers and events to locals and visitors with the option to run a ‘loyalty stamp’ scheme where possible
  • Customer insights through a live dashboard
  • Click throughs to your website, social media, reviews and more
  • Featuring in local LoyalFree trails on the app, e.g. Open for Business, Vegan, Family Friendly, Best Independents
  • Selling products or vouchers online without commission through the LoyalFree Marketplace


Sign up today by clicking the button below and we will send across the information to get you started:

How to get involved

There are many ways for you to get involved with the app now. It is vital we populate the app with as much information as possible so we can launch this to the public and start to help your business and increase sales as soon as possible. Register your interest by clicking here.


The best offers are exclusive to the app, simple or loyalty stamp based (done digitally). In these times, we are aware this may not be immediately possible and in the short term we can promote online deals for you. Many cafes may also opt to do a loyalty scheme on takeaway drinks as they open as all that is required is a QR code (that we provide for you) for customers to scan with their smartphone.


Examples include:


– 6th coffee free – 10% off when you spend £20+


To add an offer please send an email to info@loyalfree.co.uk in the following format:


BID area: Business name:  Offer / loyalty scheme:  T&Cs:


We create the profile for you, but once we have you can log in and make any changes you like.   You can have various types of exclusive offers or loyalty schemes, and any terms and conditions to suit your needs.


In time, the LoyalFree app will be used to promote trails through the town. Some to promote offerings such as ‘Vegan Food’ or ‘Dog Friendly’, interactive ones where people can vote and scan, but for now ones which will help customers have the information they need.

Halifax BID Map


In the current climate, LoyalFree are also offering a new service alongside the app; the LoyalFree Marketplace to support independent businesses.


The LoyalFree Marketplace allows BID levy payers to sell products online, without any charge or commission except a small payment processing fee. So if you don’t have an e-commerce website or want to avoid large fees on other platforms, this is perfect.


You can sell products, and also gift vouchers or future experiences on the platform: https://www.loyalfreemarketplace.co.uk/. More information will be available shortly, but do let the BID know if you think this is a service which would be good for you.


If you have events in the future you’d like to promote you can send these directly to info@loyalfree.co.uk to be added to the app.


Shortly after you sign up you will receive an email with your login details and further information.  The app will be promoted through local social media, events, billboards, press, competitions and through local employers in the area.

loyalty free app example